How Does Suffering Shape Our Worship: A Call to Honor

This is part 2 of a series on how suffering shapes our worship.

Heather Fulk

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There is reason I started this series with dependence. In my personal experience, dependence is the stepping stone into the posture I take in worship when suffering is upon me. If I haven’t started my worship with the resolve that – no matter what I feel, think, or do – God has promised me that He is faithful when I am faithless, then I cannot honor Him when life gives me every reason not to. If I know that I can run to my Father and depend on Him completely to restore my heart and renew my mind, then the rest of worship is simply about operating out of that place.

But, I digress…

Joseph. Remember him? He was the kid who was born the favorite; the one who had dreams of his brothers bowing to him; the technicolor dreamcoat… His big God-dreams cost Him so much, didn’t they? His brothers hated him. They sold him into slavery. For a brief, shining moment he was esteemed in the house of Pharaoh himself until Pharaoh’s wife got the hots for him and then turned on him when he wouldn’t sleep with her.

Here’s what I love about Joseph: Whether he was in the pit or the palace, he was always pointing people back to God who was ultimately in control. What better picture can we have as worshipers or worship leaders than that of pointing back to the Father who is always in control. If you’re in the pit or prison of life right now, God sees you. Not only does He see you, but He will use you in this season of hardship, just like He used Joseph! Joseph’s prison days were not in vain. He was being used by God to (ultimately) save all of Egypt! Wrap your mind around that for a minute…

If you are in the palace, use this time to point all the glory back to God and honor Him with your life. After all, didn’t He put you there? No matter how hard you hustle, work, or strive to earn your place at the palace table, it is never your glory to take. God and God alone deserves our praise when we are blessed with more than enough. The truly beautiful part of Joseph’s palace story is this: not once did he try to earn that position. He truly left all of his destiny in God’s hands and God alone placed him in the palace in both instances. Perhaps that’s why he was able to always to bring glory and honor to God when the time to came to do so?

So, what’s the point? Use your season of suffering or surplus to honor Jesus. He is always worthy of it. He promises that this season is not in vain and He is working something beautiful out in you as you live a life in total dependence, pointing all the glory back to Him. Don’t hold back. He’s more than worthy of our worship.

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