But, Why?

“Moses returned to the Lord and said, Why…?

Heather Fulk

4 minute read

Allow me a minute to refresh your memory on Moses. Pharoah is afraid of the Israelites so he not only orders their slavery, but also the death of any male child born. Moses’ family hides him and then Pharoah’s own household takes him in. He grows up and God calls him to be the savior of the Israelite people, leading them out of captivity from Egypt and into the promised land. Feel free to read Exodus if you need more of this oh-so-amazing story.

How Does Suffering Shape Our Worship: A Call to Honor

This is part 2 of a series on how suffering shapes our worship.

Heather Fulk

3 minute read

There is reason I started this series with dependence. In my personal experience, dependence is the stepping stone into the posture I take in worship when suffering is upon me. If I haven’t started my worship with the resolve that – no matter what I feel, think, or do – God has promised me that He is faithful when I am faithless, then I cannot honor Him when life gives me every reason not to. If I know that I can run to my Father and depend on Him completely to restore my heart and…