How Does Suffering Shape Our Worship: A Call to Honor

This is part 2 of a series on how suffering shapes our worship.

Heather Fulk

3 minute read

There is reason I started this series with dependence. In my personal experience, dependence is the stepping stone into the posture I take in worship when suffering is upon me. If I haven’t started my worship with the resolve that – no matter what I feel, think, or do – God has promised me that He is faithful when I am faithless, then I cannot honor Him when life gives me every reason not to. If I know that I can run to my Father and depend on Him completely to restore my heart and…

How Does Suffering Shape Our Worship: A Call to Dependence

In the first installment of this 3-part series, we explore how suffering shapes our worship by producing dependence.

Heather Fulk

4 minute read

I still remember the day my pastor walked into our weekly staff prayer meeting and announced that his lovely wife and the mother of their 8 children was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a shock, to say the least. I wish you could have known her (and some of you reading probably did). She was a beautiful woman, full of faith and joy. I still remember the first time I had the opportunity to pray with and for her, before I really knew her. I got a picture of a little girl dancing with her…